Creating a OpenVz template with a LFS

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Mar 27 12:42:37 PDT 2011

Kef wrote:

> Will a server based on LFS be faster than a server based on another
> distribution ? (Debian, centos, archlinux...)

Possibly.  It most certainly will be smaller.  I have several LFS 
servers that run LAMP for specialized scientific research and the total 
disk used is 3.2G.  It doesn't have any X overhead.  This is a list of 
my packages beyond LFS:

apache            fcron     logrotate  openssh  postfix  svn
bdb               inetd     mailx      openssl  python   tcpwrappers
blfs-bootscripts  iptables  mysql      pcre     rsync    wget
curl              libxml2   nettools   php      sqlite   which
denyhosts         linux     ntp        popt     sudo

Several of these are not needed in this case, but were put in place by 
another admin:

denyhosts inetd python tcpwrappers

Of the 3.2G, 1.2G is sources

Now the question of running faster is another issue.  That is really a 
function of the software package in question and that package's 

   -- Bruce

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