Dead link in Ch 6.16 GCC page

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sat Mar 26 08:34:50 PDT 2011

Ian T wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry if this has already been posted, I looked through the archives,
> but I just joined this list.
> I'm building a 6.8 LFS and am at 6.16 GCC. Because of an error return
> in the tests, I went to check the build logs. However, the LFS site's
> log page gives me an "Access Denied" message. Looking in the parent
> folder, I see a folder 6.8-rc1 but no folder 6.8. Here's the bad link:

I've fixed the permissions problem.  However the directory is currently 

> Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, I'm getting an Error 2 from the
> test suite. I'm assuming this is because of the libmudflap tests that
> fail. Is this correct?

What does your output for test_summary say?

   -- Bruce

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