compiling packages in sec 5

Lorenzo Trojan lorenzotrojan at
Wed Mar 23 11:37:36 PDT 2011

Hi all, I hope this isn't a silly question...

it's not quite clear to me one thing: why the the gcc cross compiler created in sec 5.5 isn't used for the compilation of the packages in section 5 (something like ./configure CC=$LFS_TGT-gcc)? Since the path is set to /tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin the gcc and cc executables used during compilation is the one created during the second pass, wouldn't this break if the build and the host system aren't the same?

moreover, why the --target --host and --build switches are not used when configuring binutils and gcc during the second pass compilation? (I was expecting something like something like --target=$LFS_TGT --host=$LFS_TGT and --build=`config.guess`)...

Thank you,
Lorenzo Trojan


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