Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 22 14:10:52 PDT 2011

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> janu mam wrote:
>> i am using lfs livex86-r2160 as host for building lfs book 6.7,
>> in lfs6.7 book the following msg was there
>> ""The LFS LiveCD might not work on newer hardware configurations,
>> failing to boot or failing to detect
>> some devices such as some SATA hard drives.""
>> shall i use for lfslivecd as host or use any linux destro
> Really you can use any distro, but you may have to ensure the 
> prerequisite packages are installed.  The lfs live CD is already set up 
> for you if it boots OK.
> Note that building off any live CD is relatively slow.

Why do you say that? IME, most of the time is spent in the
compiler, not reading the CD-ROM. It takes a few seconds to
read the CD-ROM to get the compiler going, and then it runs.
Usually, most of it gets cached.

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