glibc 5.7 [csu/subdir_lib] Error 2

Red Shaya red_shaya at
Sat Mar 19 04:44:39 PDT 2011

Martin Zajíc <ZAJCA> <zajcaa <at>> writes:

> Hi, thats not my problem because I'am always removing directory with build and 
source. I don't really know what to do. I'am getting same error on debian and 
Archlinux too.--Martin Zajíc
> E-mail: zajcaa <at> gmail.comJabber: zajcaa <at> gmail.comOn Thu, Feb 3, 2011 
at 7:09 PM, Martín Olmos <phoenixzero2 <at>> wrote:
> Hi Martini've had a similar problem before. What i did was delete the old 
source file and starting fresh (uncompress again the glibc package, and follow 
the building process described in the book to compile and build it). Sometimes 
you have weird errors because you're compiling inside of a previous pass folder, 
So i recommend you to create a new folder and delete the previous compiled glibc 
libraryI hope this helpsBest regardsPhoenixzero
I had the same problem. 
Simply removing the glibc directory and starting over didn't solve the problem.
I had to go two steps back. In 5.6. Linux-2.6.37 API Headers
I missed the: cp -rv dest/include/* /tools/include
After the copy was done I deleted the glibc directories and started 
step 5.7 over again. Now it compiles.


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