Grub install tesing

piper.guy1 piper.guy1 at
Sun Mar 20 11:15:59 PDT 2011

Is it me or is the first paragraph in section 8.4.3 in LFS-6.7 badly worded?

It sounds to me it's suggesting how to add the new LFS-6.7
installation to the existing GRUB simply by exiting the chroot
environment and then going back into the chroot environment.

"To accomplish this, you will need to exit the chroot environment and
re-enter it to finish the few remaining portions of the book."

I did the above and tried to reboot as descibed, but the reboot failed
due to the command's inability to determine runlevel....and something
else which escapes me know. Bottom line, it couldn't reboot from the
chrooted environment.

Still not sure what getting out and then back in to the chrooted
environment was intended to accomplish.

Anyways after puzzling and pondering over this section for a while I
decided to simply exit chrooted environment, restart my machine,
escape into grub, and do the grub commands listed in section 8.4.3.,
which worked.


/carl h.

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