gcc test failures

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu
Sun Mar 13 13:19:17 PDT 2011

On Sunday 13 March 2011 15:50:43 Alex Bosworth wrote:
> I don't think this is a hardware problem as none of the other packages fail
> their tests and I don't encounter any crashes or errors during normal use.

Don't be too quick to write off hardware problems. Building gcc is well known 
for uncovering latent hardware faults, just as it did when I first built it in 
the mid '90s and kept hitting the 'signal 11' error. When I build my firewall 
on my quad-core desktop (using 'make -j 4' for most packages), only two 
packages get the CPU up to 60C and hold it there for 1-3 minutes: gcc and the 
kernel. The kernel build is mostly 'busy work'. But the gcc build exercises a 
lot of the CPU and RAM; if there's a heat weakness or other hardware 
instability, building gcc may well uncover it.

To be sure, I'm not saying it *is* a hardware problem. But if it only happens 
to GCC, it could be hardware-related.

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