LFS 6.8, patch failure on gcc 4.5.2 pass #2

Mark Maurer mark at technomancer.org
Thu Mar 10 13:58:16 PST 2011

All --

I was flowing along nicely with LFS 6.8, until I come to the second pass
of gcc 4.5.2 (after the binutils second pass).  Where the book says to patch
it (section 5.10.1) to revert to the old behavior with this command:

patch -Np1 -i ../gcc-4.5.2-startfiles_fix-1.patch

This command just hangs, expecting input but never getting it. (according to strace).  
My initial guess is because the patch isn't set to work with the latest gcc version
used in 6.8: 4.5.2.  Indeed, in looking at the patch, the line numbers
certainly don't align in the file gcc/gcc.c with what the patch says.

Am I missing something here?  Or is there another patch file that should
be downloaded and used?

Thanks for any and all insight,

Mark Maurer       
mark at technomancer.org
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