Help! GCC 4.5.1 pass 2 compilation failed.

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Wed Mar 2 08:42:20 PST 2011

Hi Bruce,

This is the output of the

bash, version 3.2.17(1)-release
/bin/sh -> /bin/bash
Binutils: version 2.17
bison (GNU Bison) 2.3
/usr/bin/yacc -> /usr/bin/yacc
bzip2,  Version 1.0.4, 20-Dec-2006.
Coreutils:  6.9
diff (GNU diffutils) 2.8.1
GNU find version 4.2.31
GNU Awk 3.1.5
/usr/bin/awk -> /usr/bin/gawk
gcc (GCC) 4.1.2
GNU C Library stable release version 2.5.1
grep (GNU grep) 2.5.1
gzip 1.3.12
Linux version (root at kerrek) (gcc version 4.1.2) #1 SMP Sat Dec 29 
22:40:37 GMT 2007
m4 (GNU M4) 1.4.10
GNU Make 3.81
patch 2.5.4
Perl version='5.8.8';
GNU sed version 4.1.5
tar (GNU tar) 1.18
Texinfo: makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.9
Compilation OK

It doesn't have the autotools requirement.
I am using lfslivecd have autoconf version 2.61 and automake 1.10.


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Re: Help! GCC 4.5.1 pass 2 compilation failed.

frank.zhu at wrote:
> Hi,
> I was following LFS book & source version 6.7.  Completed steps before 
> step 5.10.
> In 5.10, I need compile Gcc - pass 2. Got a fatal error 
> no such file or directory", details please see config.log below,

It sounds like you do not have autotools installed in your host.  Run 
the script in "host system requirements" and make sure you have 

   -- Bruce
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