Issue compiling kernel? - WARNING: modpost: Found 41 section mismatch(es).

bsquared bwcode4u at
Wed Mar 2 12:49:08 PST 2011

> WARNING: drivers/video/built-in.o(.devinit.text+0xb0): Section
> mismatch in reference from the function efifb_probe() to the (unknown
> reference)
> The function __devinit efifb_probe() references
> a (unknown reference) __initdata (unknown).
> If (unknown) is only used by efifb_probe then
> annotate (unknown) with a matching annotation.

Search make files for driver:

$ find -type f -name Makefile | xargs grep efifb

$ $(CONFIG_FB_EFI)              += efifb.o

search menuconfig for FB_EFI

Symbol: FB_EFI [=y]
Prompt: EFI-based Framebuffer Support
Defined at drivers/video/Kconfig:724
Depends on: HAS_IOMEM [=y] && FB [=y]=y [=y] && X86 [=y] && EFI [=y]
  -> Device Drivers
    -> Graphics support
      -> Support for frame buffer devices (FB [=y])

go to location and deselect  EFI-based Framebuffer Support

> and the remaining one is
> WARNING: arch/x86/pci/built-in.o(.text+0x10fb): Section mismatch in
> reference from the function pcibios_scan_specific_bus() to the
> function .devinit.text:pci_scan_bus_on_node()
> The function pcibios_scan_specific_bus() references
> the function __devinit pci_scan_bus_on_node().
> This is often because pcibios_scan_specific_bus lacks a __devinit
> annotation or the annotation of pci_scan_bus_on_node is wrong.

I found this one by googling.  There is a kernel patch for this.


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