Disable USB Input Messages

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> Subject: Disable USB Input Messages
> Hello! So, I don't know if it's a LFS-stable or LFS-dev problem, since 
> I'm trying 6.7-rc1, but always when Linux detects a USB device 
> connecting or disconnecting, a message prints on my screen warning about it.
> Problem is, always when I move my mouse, it's being detected as 
> disconnected from an address and reconnected to another, so it floods my 
> screen with messages about my USB mouse being disconnected and reconnected.
> I have already searched the list archives, and I've found solutions for 
> problems when booting, but this is a run-time problem.
> Does anyone have a solution?
> I'd be very grateful, it's impossible to use my new LFS this way...
> Thanks!
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You can try doing this in console... 'dmesg -n1' 		 	   		  
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