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robert mullinrobert at
Sun Nov 28 09:08:15 PST 2010

Andrew Benton wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2010 11:48:15 -0600
> robert <mullinrobert at> wrote:
>> Events moving along swimmingly until this point:
>> 6.7.1. Installation of Linux API Headers
>> The Linux kernel needs to expose an Application Programming Interface 
>> (API) for the system's C library (Glibc in LFS) to use. This is done by 
>> way of sanitizing various C header files that are shipped in the Linux 
>> kernel source tarball.
>> Make sure there are no stale files and dependencies lying around from 
>> previous activity:
>> make mrproper
>> where is this command to be issued?
>> I get ...
>> root:/# make mrproper
>> make: *** No rule to make target `mrproper'.  Stop.
> The general scheme in LFS is that you untar the source of whatever
> package you're doing, cd into the directory created and then execute
> the commands on the page. How've you got to chapter 6 without working
> that out? If it's the kernel headers you're doing, untar the kernel
> source, cd into linux-2.6.* then make mrproper ...
> Andy


Yes, definitely have the de-archive, enter directory, build, etc. etc. 
Learned it the hard way some time back.  Got that.

I am walking back through the entire process now ... from package 
download, de-archive, make, make install ... on up to chroot ...

I've basically recorded most of my keystrokes in little bash scripts and 
should be able to work back up to chroot stage fairly quickly.  I have 
some amount of proof-reading activity in my past.  I have read and 
re-read the LFS manual in an effort to get a good transcription.  We 
shall see.

My real goal here is not so much to have a built and working system, as 
it is to have a clear procedure I can step thru in an approximately 
error-free fashion.  ... and then use it as a teaching tool, obviously, 
self-teaching initially.  That is the proximate end, as Aristotle might 
phrase it.  Speaking of whom, odd that most people think of him as a 
genius.  He believed and professed that women have fewer teeth than men. 
  A really ignorant thing to postulate.  Bordering on stupidity, given 
that he could actually have counted them.  But perhaps he was being 
metaphoric, something of and estrogen/testosterone observation.  In 
which case, I'm sure there are some who are inclined to believe him.

Nevertheless, if the process is going to be a useful tool, it must 
eventuate in a working os.

When I get back to chroot stage, I'll post again.

Thanks, everyone, for all the help.


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