Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu Nov 25 09:42:20 PST 2010

robert wrote:

> I have a fairly good "beginner's" grasp of the compile/build procedure. 
> And yes, I refer often to 5.3.  

Until you get the hang of things, I suggest having three windows open.

1.  Browser at the bottom of Section 5.3.

2.  Browser at the current lfs page.

3.  An xterm, konsole, or other terminal program where you are executing 
the commands.

You can do Section 5.3's step 3c by cutting and pasting each command 
from the browser in window 2 to the terminal in window 3.  However, 
please also read the text.

One of the biggest problems with new LFS users is that with some 
knowledge of the build process, they deviate from the instructions in 
some way.  That's OK if you really know what you are doing, but 
following the instructions precisely will get you through your first 
build without issues.

   -- Bruce

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