binutils "make" ... no go

robert mullinrobert at
Wed Nov 24 19:18:20 PST 2010

Andre Keller wrote:
> Am 25.11.2010 03:48, schrieb robert:
>> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> Your host is missing required packages.  Run the script in section vii.
>>>    -- Bruce
>> section vii.????  chapter vii.??

Yes, ran that from the git-go.  Scanned it along too quickly and did not 
notice two missing items, Texinfo and m4 ...

Fixed now.  "make" and "make install" have completed without apparent error.

Will now move on to gcc...

Thanks, Andre and Bruce, a great deal for your patience and temperate 

It's late here in Mississippi, for an old man.  Will pick up the thread 
tomorrow.  I'm going off to have dinner with a bunch of Native Americans 
who are extremely thankful that they have the opportunity to pass 
another Thanksgiving holiday with the white folks.


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