e2fsprogs puzzle

Juan Antonio Moreno Carmona jamc60 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 11:56:39 PST 2010

>  Each of tests had a separate fail log , and reading the first one
> indicated that mtab  was missing as It should be at this stage, So I
> added one and an fstab also, ran make check again and they all passed.

/etc/mtab shouldn't  be missing as of chap 6.6 Creating Essentila files and

"A proper Linux system maintains a list of the mounted file systems in the
file /etc/mtab. Normally, this file would be created when we mount a new
file system. Since we will not be mounting any file systems inside our
chroot environment, create an empty file for utilities that expect the
presence of /etc/mtab:

touch /etc/mtab"

> I don't if this indicates a problem in the environment or some other
> bugaboo in the install, But I think not and will proceed.
> Mike H.
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