LFS 6.7 + BLFS SVN pure 64bit

loki loki at pancevo.rs
Sat Nov 13 10:01:23 PST 2010


has anyone tried lfs 6.7 on a 64bit platform. I had great problems 
with some packages from BLFS after I installed LFS 6.7. And during 
the compile of 6.7 I had some problems but somehow I circumvented them.
And the system ran. But when I tried to compile Open-Office 3.2.1, 
mysql 5.1.45, Python 2.6.4 and some others I had great problems, 
actually I couldn't compile these packagaes and some more. GLIBC always
segfaulted on me. After trying for 2 weeks I reverted to LFS 6.6 and 
everything went smoothly.
Am I the only one?


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