missing output from init scripts

John Harrigan jfharrigan at fedex.com
Fri Nov 5 20:58:36 PDT 2010

* jfharrigan at fedex.com (Nov 03, 2010 @ 10:58-0600):
> I've mostly followed the development book and added an initrd and BSD
> style init scripts.  My problem is that output from the rc scripts is
> not echoed to the console during boot.  I do get kernel messages on
> the console though.  I know the rc scripts are running because I can
> verify their work after logging in.

The problem was that I missed section 6.2.1 where you create
/dev/console and /dev/null.  Without the pre-udev /dev/console
init didn't have anything to write to when I switched from the
initrd to the real system.

Thanks Aleksandar and Mike for helping me out.

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