building a driver for a different system

Jannis Kafkoulas jasecml at
Tue Nov 2 04:21:36 PDT 2010


well it's not exactly a lfs issue but a similar one in his structure.

I have a RedHat EL 5.5 installed on a HP Proliant DL 360 server.
I actually need the 5.0 version but it's missing (at least) the NIC driver which is offered by HP as a rpm source.
In any case I can't install the 5.0 system at all from the original CD.

My problem now is, how do I build the driver on the 5.5 system for the 5.0 system and include it in a 5.0 install CD?

I already have built a lfs a few months ago and also have heard about cross compiling.

My question now is, do I need to build a new 5.0 system on my 5.5 system in the manner of the lfs project or is it enough to just build a cross compiler and then compile the driver source with this cross compiler.

As I know the driver names ends up in .ko. 
Which files do I need additionally for the driver to work in the 5.0 system, like headers and alike?

Any hints?



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