Text narrows on changing video module

alupu at verizon.net alupu at verizon.net
Wed Mar 31 20:21:18 PDT 2010


System:  Development (B)LFS
i686-pc-linux-gnu,, GRUB: 0.97
Motherboard:   ASUS P5E-VM HDMI
Internal Graphics Display (IGD):  Intel G35, HDMI output
External Video Card (PEG):  ASUS GeForce 9500GT, PCIe x16,  HDMI output
Monitor:  Samsung SM2494, Wide (16:9), DVI input (through HDMI-DVI cable)

General:  I always boot in text mode (to console "prompt") first.

1. So far, with the IGD no problems:  the kernel boot-up text,
console prompt work, vi editing, etc., the text is displayed
in HD, i.e., for the whole length of the screen (as 80x24)

2. I installed the new PEG (9500).
Problem: The text is displayed in "narrow" (SD), 4:3 fashion
i.e., using only the "4" of the horizontal (instead of  the full "16").

I haven't found anything (BIOS - PEG/PCI, etc.) to change the situation.
One would expect that by just moving the cable from the IGD output to
the PEG output, things wouldn't change text(VGA?)-wise.

1.  To avoid any confusion, the card (PEG) works fine once in
graphics mode (Xorg-7.5, NVidia "nvidia" 195.36.15 latest driver;
"nv" doesn't work).
2.  I didn't make any effort in the original configuration (i.e.,
the IGD) in order to make the text go wide, when I changed from a
4:3 monitor to this one.  The "widening" of the text just happened.

Any helpful comments will be highly appreciated.
-- Alex

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