Bk6.6Ch6.9 glibc compile stopped with `__stack_chk_guard'

Szabolcs Gyalókay gyalokay at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 04:50:18 PDT 2010

Hi All,

>     I've reached LFS Bk6.6 Ch6.9 "Glibc-2.11.1".
>     I've followed the book pretty much to the letter.
>     When trying to compile Glibc-2.11.1, compilation stopped
>     at the link line outputting 'nscd'.
>     'make' was in the glibc-build/nscd directory.
>     The error was:
>          undefined reference to '__stack_chk_guard'

I have what seems to be the same problem that you have, but on x86_64, as
already posted on this list on 15th of March.

So, this is maybe a confirmation that this is not one time problem.


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