Help: but there didn't have "Bison-1.875" and "Gawk-3.0"

AOL fuflono at
Sun Mar 28 07:02:32 PDT 2010

Good day. Please excuse my English.
I am trying establish LFS, my host-system is gNewSense. 
Apparently it's enough (gNewSense), but there didn't have "Bison-1.875"
and "Gawk-3.0", required in "Chapter vii. Host System Requirements,
Linux From Scratch - Version 6.6 "
Synaptic Package Manager offer: bison(1.2.3.dfsg-5), bison++(1.21.11-3),
bison-1.35(1.35-4.1), bisonc++(2.4.0-1), bison-doc(1.2.3-2).
I downloaded bisonc++(2.4.0-1), or needed other from above named? 
Instead Gawk-3.0 there are: dpkg-awk(,
gawk(, gawk-doc(3.1.6-0ubuntu1),
, mawk(1.3.3-11ubuntu2). 
I downloaded gawk( and mawk1.3.3-11ubuntu2), or
needed other from above named?
I am fully oak in computers.
I can't be in dialogue, but I'll read everything carefully.
Sincerely, fuf.

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