Unable to compile GCC-4.4.3, Pass 1

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sat Mar 27 09:17:29 PDT 2010

On 03/27/2010 05:27 AM, Simon Geard wrote:
> Hey, calm down a moment, Chris. Nobody is disputing that.

I'd say stosss certainly is, but then why should I care what he 
thinks...yeah you're right, guess I just need to calm down...

 > But while
> making things understandable might be your goal, people *are* still
> getting confused by things in the book. If they weren't, this list would
> be a ghost town...
> So when we see people making errors like this, it doesn't matter if you
> or I think the text is perfectly understandable. The evidence on the
> list shows at least people find it unclear, and to be blunt, their
> opinion in the matter is what's important.
> Simon.

Yes it is important, but I just want to make *my* opinion known as well. 
Granted, I might sometimes word it a bit harshly, but I do just want to 
make it clear what I think.

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