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yes it is homework right now but i like it. i want to improve it, and may be
i will be one of the developer of lfs.


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> Yasin Yenidunya wrote:
> > hi all,
> >
> > i have the project that building simple operating system for university.
> is
> Are you asking for help doing your homework?
> > there anyone that help me to access hard disk drive in real mode. i just
> > boot the computer in real mode. then i started to generate GDT and access
> > the hard disk drive in chs mode like c=x, h=y and s=z. i don't need to
> > partition hdd. i just need the write something on specified block like
> > "1111110111" and read it. is there any guide to help me?
> Are you asking how to use the BIOS INT 13 services, or possibly how
> to program the disc interface chips themselves directly?
> If so, then I regret to tell you that both of those are outside the
> purview of this echo. I'm sure there are some here who might be
> able to help. I've done direct disc I/O using both BIOS, and direct
> chip programming for floppies and for Western Digital hard drive
> controller chips, though those controller chips are now obsolete.
> However, if you're doing homework, or a class project, then I think
> you'll learn a lot more if you first research it some yourself, then
> post pointed direct questions where you have problems after making
> some progress.
> This would not be the echo for that, though.
> Mike
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