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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Thu Mar 25 14:53:50 PDT 2010

Yasin Yenidunya wrote:
> hi all,
> i have the project that building simple operating system for university. is

Are you asking for help doing your homework?

> there anyone that help me to access hard disk drive in real mode. i just
> boot the computer in real mode. then i started to generate GDT and access
> the hard disk drive in chs mode like c=x, h=y and s=z. i don't need to
> partition hdd. i just need the write something on specified block like
> "1111110111" and read it. is there any guide to help me?

Are you asking how to use the BIOS INT 13 services, or possibly how
to program the disc interface chips themselves directly?

If so, then I regret to tell you that both of those are outside the
purview of this echo. I'm sure there are some here who might be
able to help. I've done direct disc I/O using both BIOS, and direct
chip programming for floppies and for Western Digital hard drive
controller chips, though those controller chips are now obsolete.

However, if you're doing homework, or a class project, then I think
you'll learn a lot more if you first research it some yourself, then
post pointed direct questions where you have problems after making
some progress.

This would not be the echo for that, though.

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