grub2: error: fiel not found

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu Mar 25 12:34:46 PDT 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:

> Took me a few minutes to realise what was the main error:
> grub rescue> set
> prefix=(hd0,15)/boot/grub
> root=hd0,15
> After a few more failed attempts to insmod anything,
> I realised that the added '/boot' was the problem.  Fixed
> that with
> set prefix=(hd0,15)/grub
> insmod normal
> normal

That isn't how it is supposed to work.  You should be using
   set root=(hd0,15)

The books says:  "The root setting is the default value if a 'set root' 
instruction is not found in grub.cfg. This is the partition that is 
searched for the kernel and other supporting files. It is different from 
the 'root=' parameter on the 'linux' line in the configuration line. The 
latter is the partition the kernel mounts as '/'. In the example 
grub.cfg above, both values point to /dev/sda2, but if there is a 
separate boot partition, they will be different."

If /dev/sda15 is your /boot partition, it should then find the grub 
modules in grub/.

   -- Bruce

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