Kernel panic - VFS

Yaacov-Yoseph Weiss yyweiss at
Tue Mar 23 00:55:40 PDT 2010

I saw that the list places my messages at the top level of the
threads, and not as a response to previous messages. I assume
this is because I get the digest version, and reply to that and
change the subject. If anyone knows how I can reply "correctly",
I'll be glad to comply.

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> There's way too many different issues for Chapter 8.  Did you read the
> hint referenced in Section 8.3?

Now I did. I didn't mean for details to be included in the book. The hint itself
also doesn't actually reference many specific options. What I intended was
a paragraph or two with the following bits of information:

1. Make sure you enable the relevant options for your hardware.
2. You can usually find hardware information using 'lspci'.
3. Another strategy is to enable many options, (possibly using
'lsmod' as a guide), and then possibly remove options to see
what is necessary.

Mike McCarty wrote:
> I would agree with this except that the kernel is such a rapidly
> moving target, it would require a nearly complete rewrite with each
> new kernel release. Describing the kernel configuration would require
> increasing the size of the book by quite a bit, and it would be a very
> high maintenance part of the book.

I don't know. Adding general pointers shouldn't add too much or
require too much maintenance. I don't expect detailed descriptions
of the options.

> Perhaps just a hints section about how to ascertain what hardware
> is present could be added, however. Perhaps also how to ascertain
> what modules got loaded by the 6.3 LiveCD could be put in, so
> one might have an idea what to build in.

Something like that would definitely be enough.


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