Kernel panic - VFS

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Mar 22 09:02:29 PDT 2010

Yaacov-Yoseph Weiss wrote:


> I would recommend improving chapter 8.3 of the book (configuring and compiling
> the kernel) by adding these hints about configuring the kernel, i.e.
> using lspci,
> lsmod, and enabling many options.

I would agree with this except that the kernel is such a rapidly
moving target, it would require a nearly complete rewrite with each
new kernel release. Describing the kernel configuration would require
increasing the size of the book by quite a bit, and it would be a very
high maintenance part of the book.

Perhaps just a hints section about how to ascertain what hardware
is present could be added, however. Perhaps also how to ascertain
what modules got loaded by the 6.3 LiveCD could be put in, so
one might have an idea what to build in.

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