Which chipset for USB?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 22 08:56:31 PDT 2010

brown wrap wrote:


Your best bet, I think, is to use lsmod with CentOS running, and see
what's loaded, and configure appropriately.

> I'd be happy to get any keyboard and mouse to work. Here is a link to
> the Knoppix problem, where none of the input devices work: I used a
> Knoppix dvd that arrived with the Linux Magazine a while back.

Debian, upon which KNOPPIX is based, used to have/has problems when you
have both a USB keyboard and a USB mouse, but just a USB keyboard
seemed to work fine. I didn't try just a USB mouse. When I had the
problem, both the keyboard and mouse were dead. I reported this
a couple of years ago, and was told by a member of the support team
that this behavior was impossible. I didn't pursue it, due to the
rather emotional nature of the response, and I'm reasonably sure it
wasn't investigated further.

About a year later, another guy with the same problem contacted me
off list (due to the emotional response I garnered) asking whether I
were ever able to resolve it, which I had not, since I no longer
administer any Debian based machines. So, in the intervening year
or so, I'm certain it wasn't pursued.

Anyway, you might try replacing the USB mouse with a regular one,
either PS/2 or serial port, and see if you can use the machine that
way, until you resolve whatever the problem is.

If there is an accepted trouble ticket, then perhaps it'll get tracked
down now, and fixed.

With the Debian support team, very much YMMV, IMO. Linux is
practically a religion with some of the pro Debian people,
though mostly the support team is rational.

I like KNOPPIX, and use it as a rescue CD, but being based upon
Debian, and often "Debian Unstable", it's definitely in my
"considered experimental" list. I've been disappointed somewhat
by KNOPPIX 6.x so far. KNOPPIX 5.x was a better release, IMO.
You might download an image of KNOPPIX 5.3.1 and try that,
if you want a version of KNOPPIX which works. I can recommend it.

It may have the USB keyboard+mouse problem, however. I don't like
to use USB devices much, anyway, so I can't test for you since I
don't have a USB keyboard at present.

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