Kernel panic - VFS

Yaacov-Yoseph Weiss yyweiss at
Mon Mar 22 00:47:21 PDT 2010

Andrew Benton wrote:

>> I added CONFIG_PATA_VIA, and that did not help.

> which CONFIG_PATA_VIA depends? If I were you I'd enable support for lots of things that
> may, possibly be needed and compile them all into the kernel. Use lspci as a guide and

Thanks. When enabling lots of options I noticed that I had stupidly enabled
a similarly named option (I think CONFIG_SATA_VIA) instead of CONFIG_PATA_VIA
which I needed. Thanks for the help.

I would recommend improving chapter 8.3 of the book (configuring and compiling
the kernel) by adding these hints about configuring the kernel, i.e.
using lspci,
lsmod, and enabling many options.

Thanks again,

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