Which chipset for USB?

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> Sorry about my english!
> I have tested a lot of VIA chipsets on PCI Boards and always works fine, but
> i don't know about NEC
Look in Device Drivers-->USB Support, and there are lots of host
controllers there, but the ones that you might want to enable are:

 * OHCI or UHCI depending on your USB controller. You can find that
out by running lspci (from PCI Utils), and one of the lines should be
you USB controller, and it should say either OHCI or UHCI on that
line. Intel and VIA boards use UHCI, all of the rest use OHCI. These
are for USB 1.1.
 * ECHI, for USB 2.0. Lots of devices now are USB 2.0 devices, and
your motherboard should support EHCI, unless it's a pre-2004
 * xHCI, for USB 3.0. Yes, it's out there (right now, the driver is
experimental), but it's not very widespread for now (the only
motherboards that I know of that support USB 3.0 are very recent
Gigabyte Tec. motherboards, ie: the ones that advertise USB 3.0 on the
box), but if you have one of these newer Gigabyte boards, I'd say to
enable it, you'll thank youself later in the future.

Hope you find my info helpful.

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