How to implement pkgtool in LFS and where to download it

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 I have used slackware for a few years now so I think I can help you.  pkgtool requires tar-1.13. all you need to do is install the executable so you will have /bin/tar-1.13 in addition to your regular tar.  tar-1.13 will only be used by pkgtool so make sure it is named tar-1.13(you may have to cp after configure and make from source instead of make install so you don't overwrite your normal tar).  Also pkgtool requires some utilities from chapter 6 to be installed so you wont be able to use it to install most of ch 6 at least until after which is installed.  However, you can make directories to keep the package files in and make packages for them later, which you can install over your present system so they will be in the database. just make sure the package directories match everything you do in the book to install them on the system. so you will probably have, for example a directory /packages/gzip-1.4 with a usr/ usr/bin usr/lib etc subdirectories. has a tutorial on the left column, Building packages and you may want to start there. you can get pkgtool from here:
(right now slackware's official package dbase is kinda fubar-ed)


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I want to follow pkgtool from the chapter 6 (LFS 6.5).. so some one tell me how, please.... waiting...,

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