Configuring the network script (Chapter 7) with Debian Lenny as host

Andrew Benton b3nton at
Mon Mar 15 04:11:51 PDT 2010

On 15/03/10 04:58, Simon Geard wrote:
> That should be a very rare case, I think. Wireless devices will
> generally be named wlan* by the kernel, and wired devices will be eth*.
> That's the case on my desktop (with a wireless card), and on every
> laptop I've used in recent years...

It may be a rare case but it's not unknown.
My Dell mini netbook came with a broadcom wireless card. The open source
driver didn't work very well so I had to use the closed source binary blob
from broadcom. The open source driver called the interface wlan0 but the
Broadcom driver called it eth1.
I couldn't stand having to reinstall the binary blob every time I reinstalled
the kernel (even the open source driver needed a firmware binary blob to work)
so I bought a cheap Atheros card which works perfectly (and calls the
interface wlan0).


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