Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Mar 14 13:12:32 PDT 2010

guitarjerry at wrote:
>  Ok. so I am in lfs book 6.6 at section 6.27 grep-2.5.4. Grep has failed 1 of 14 tests

> Test #6 F failed: Cosi tu ÄiÅ¡Ã...
> Test #7 F failed: Cosi tu ÄiÅ¡Ã...
> =================================
> 1 of 14 tests failed

> What I want to know is either how to fix this or to just move on with
> the book. I looked through it appears to be a test of
> cs_CZ.UTF-8 which looks to me to be a czechoslavakian locale? I don't
> see why I would necessarily need it, although I prefer tests to not
> fail.

The patch is what is making it fail.  We are in the process of deciding 
whether to drop the patch or not.  The patch, from debian, is supposed 
to make speedups in utf8 locales, but I haven't verified it.

If you are not concerned about utf8 speed, I suggest rebuilding without 
the patch.

   -- Bruce

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