Grub/Grub2/Grub Legacy and x86_64

stosss stosss at
Sat Mar 13 01:48:02 PST 2010

I think I saw a post telling another user to use Grub 2 for a 64-bit
system. Is this correct?

GRUB-1.97.2 this appears to be the new Grub 2. Is this correct? The
GNU web site says most distributions would be using 1.96.

So, If I am going to build LFS 6.6, with the LFS 6.3 r2160 x86_64
LiveCD as my host on x86_64 hardware, using the LFS 6.6 book and the
books resources (NOT the LFS 6.3 resources), will I be able to follow
the instructions as is in LFS 6.6 chapter 8.4 Using Grub to set up the
Boot process or will I need to do it different to get my new 64-bit
LFS 6.6 system to boot once it is installed?

I am reading through the book and getting everything ready and in
place before I start the build.

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