5.7. Glibc-2.10.1

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Thu Mar 11 17:38:10 PST 2010

Chris Staub schrieb:
> No...this is NOT necessary. If you "need" to add anything to the Glibc 
> build instructions, you have missed something. There is absolutely no 
> reason why the recently-built toolchain in /tools won't be used, if you 
> followed the instructions. If any variables "need" to be added, either 
> your PATH (or something in your user environment) is incorrect, or 
> something is wrong with the GCC or Binutils builds.


please try it yourself. just boot from the xubuntu 9.10 life cd, install
the requirements (apt-get install gawk bison texinfo build-essential +
symlink sh to bash instead of dash) and you'll see the glibc build failing.

if you look at surajs message dated 2010/3/4 07.15 you can see the
config output. the build and host system is recognised as
"i686-pc-linux-gnu" (i now just extracted the "scripts/config.guess" and
run it: same result here), the new built "i686-lfs-linux-gnu" toolchain
probably does not fit and the hosts tools will be used (just my guess).


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