General question about LFS 6.6

stosss stosss at
Wed Mar 10 01:33:45 PST 2010

To some of you this might be obvious. To me it is not.

If I run a 64bit host and build using the LFS 6.6 sources and book as
is will I have a 64bit LFS 6.6 system or do I need to make some
changes to some of the book's instructions? Like I already said, this
is not obvious to me or I would not be asking the question. Although I
have already built 3 32bit LFS 6.5 systems I am still learning. The
more I do this the more I learn. I have also built Gentoo's current
system and Arch's current system. i built those systems because they
do have package managers and I wanted to compare all three systems. I
still find myself wanting to stay with the LFS/BLFS system inspite of
the fact I have no package manager in LFS. Eventually when I have
learned more and understand this whole process better and I will. I
will figure out how to put a package manager together so I can
update/upgrade the system faster and easier.

I do appreciate the work that goes into this project to make it
available to any one who wants to use it.

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