lLFS on USB?

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 01:46:58 PST 2010

Mike McCarty wrote:
> ga ho wrote:
>> clydew at clydew.org wrote:
>>> Is it possible to build Linux from Scratch on a USB Flash Drive.  I 
>>> did build it there but am having a time getting Grub to recognize it.
>> Yes I built LFS-6.5 on my desktop and transfered it to a USB drive with 
>> rsync
>> Building directly on the usb drive is slow and not necessary.
>> Don't do the rsync while booted into LFS.
>> You need the USB stuff built into the kernel as well as the filesystem ( 
>> I used ext2) and necessary hardware drivers, not as modules.
> This is not a good file system to use on USB FLASH drives. You want
> one which doesn't require rewriting the directory with every
> access to the file system. It'll wear out the FLASH, and it'll
> also be very very slow.
> Mike
noatime and noadirtime fixes that and yes it does work well

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