partition sizes

David Shaw at
Sat Mar 6 15:39:35 PST 2010

Simon Geard wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 09:23 +0000, David Shaw wrote:
>> I vaguely remember reading somewhere that, if you use hibernation, your 
>> computer's state is stored to the swap space.  So, if you have 2GB of 
>> RAM and only 1GB of swap then hibernate would fail.
>> Of course, I could have got totally the wrong end of the stick and be 
>> talking complete nonsense here.
> No, you're quite correct. But only relevant if you use hibernation,
> which I've never bothered with on a desktop machine.
> Simon.

Oh.  Good.  Thank you for confirming that  :-)

And I have a laptop - therefore do use hibernation - with 3GB of RAM.  
There you go, a circumstance where 2GB of swap space isn't enough.  OK, 
so it's pretty specific and about the only circumstance where you 
*would* need more than 2GB swap and most of it's going to be totally 
unused 99% of the time, but even so...  :-)


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