partition sizes

linux fan linuxscratch at
Thu Mar 4 12:39:19 PST 2010

On 2/16/10, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop73 at> wrote:
>  I tend to use 5GB or less for a desktop system.
> If you plan to build *all* of gnome, or *all* of kde,
> that probably isn't enough space, but in my case
> I'd probably put /boot (100MB is big), swap if any,
> and 2 or 3 versions of '/' on the 20GB drive.

I did manage to build KDE4 on a 5GB partition, while having
the sources (build) directory hosted on a separate partition.

I typically think about 12GB for the root partition with no separate partitions
for home or usr leaves enough space for me. It depends on how much space
will be needed for applications and files that will accumulate.

For /boot, I just use a /boot directory instead of a separate partition
(which is my choice) and it works fine.

I like to create a logical partition in which 15 partitions may exist.

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