Partition Sizes, AGAIN!

Andrew Benton b3nton at
Thu Mar 4 11:55:34 PST 2010

On 04/03/10 19:13, Mike McCarty wrote:
> I'm a laid off engineer on a zero income budget, so $$$ are a prime
> consideration. I bought a basic system for $1 at at swap meet. It
> had no hard drive, and a burnt out power supply, and only 64M of RAM.
> I've added another 128M of RAM from a junker, and transplanted a PS
> from another machine, and added a 40G WD HD.
> I've added a couple of CD-ROM drives, one of which can write, and so
> I've got a base system up. It boots the LiveCD (6.3) and I've used it to
> build LFS 6.4, which it boots and runs on another drive temporarily.
> Now, I'm looking for partitioning info on this very minimal system.
> Here's my initial thoughts...
> prtn	size	mount point
> ----	----	-----------
> hda1	100M	/boot
> hda2	10G	/	(main)
> hda3	10G	/	(build)
> hda5	20G	/home

If you've only got 128M of RAM you'll need a swap partition.
I use one partition for both /hom and /boot. IE, /boot is a symbolic link
pointing at /home/boot

> Does the build partition really need to be 10G? Would 5G be enough
> to build a new BLFS with smallish desktop, like fluxbox, not a big
> GNOME or KDE? If so, then /home could grow by another 10G, which
> would be nice.

On my netbook I use 4G for /, but I think I could get away with 3 at a pinch.


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