LFS6.5 - Bash question

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 08:59:05 PST 2010

David Shaw wrote:
>> I'm not very pro at this yet, I've been using linux and coding in it,
>> but I'm new to LFS.
>> Here's a link I came up with and played with, I hope it's what you
>> need, I might be completely off.
>> If I am, sorry about that.
>> [0]http://zeusville.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/bash-line-wrapping-problem/
> Thanks for the link - it led to some very interesting reading.  
> Unfortunately, it isn't the prompt that's not behaving but the commands 
> I type in.
> Before switching to the new bash, as compiled in section 6.28, any typed 
> commands longer than 80 characters would wrap round onto the line below, 
> so that I could see the entire command all at the same time (actually, 
> 80 characters minus the length of the prompt, but you get the idea).
> Now, using the newly compiled bash, longer commands cause the prompt and 
> anything else to disappear off the left hand side of the window, which 
> means that I can only see the last 60+ or so characters of the command 
> and need to use the left and right cursor keys to scroll through the 
> line if I want to see what I've typed (or to find where I've made the 
> typo when the command fails to work).
> So, yes, thank you for the link; I learned something from it.  But, 
> unfortunately, my problem persists.

What does echo $COLUMNS show?

   -- Bruce

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