LFS6.5 - Bash question

David Shaw dj.shaw at btconnect.com
Wed Mar 3 08:47:18 PST 2010

> I'm not very pro at this yet, I've been using linux and coding in it,
> but I'm new to LFS.
> Here's a link I came up with and played with, I hope it's what you
> need, I might be completely off.
> If I am, sorry about that.
> [0]http://zeusville.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/bash-line-wrapping-problem/

Thanks for the link - it led to some very interesting reading.  
Unfortunately, it isn't the prompt that's not behaving but the commands 
I type in.

Before switching to the new bash, as compiled in section 6.28, any typed 
commands longer than 80 characters would wrap round onto the line below, 
so that I could see the entire command all at the same time (actually, 
80 characters minus the length of the prompt, but you get the idea).

Now, using the newly compiled bash, longer commands cause the prompt and 
anything else to disappear off the left hand side of the window, which 
means that I can only see the last 60+ or so characters of the command 
and need to use the left and right cursor keys to scroll through the 
line if I want to see what I've typed (or to find where I've made the 
typo when the command fails to work).

So, yes, thank you for the link; I learned something from it.  But, 
unfortunately, my problem persists.

David Shaw

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