Probably need to reinstall GCC

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Mar 1 11:26:51 PST 2010

Mike McCarty wrote:
> brown wrap wrote:
>> I have trouble compiling once I got into BLFS. I think I clobbered
>> something during an install. Anything that tries to include:
>> /usr/include/string.h won't compile. I figured out that file get
>> installed from glibc, but gcc won't compile it. So I need to backup
>> to a point in LFS where I can recompile gcc and then reinstalll glic.
>> If I start at pass one and recompile gcc, what else should be remade?
> The safe answer is "everything". More likely is "nothing", so
> long as you are rebuilding identically the same version of gcc.
> More realistically, I'd try looking at string.h and find out
> what happened to it. Without forensic information, it's difficult
> to say how to proceed. What is the cause of death?
> Have you tried doing a diff of the file in /usr/include and the
> one which comes "fresh" out of the tarball?

Mike, I have done some research on this problem and its due to a package 
using a define that is not supposed to be used.  To check if string.h is 
really the problem, you only need to do:

cat > t.c << "EOF"
#include <string.h>
int main(){}

gcc -o t t.c

If that compiles, the problem is not string.h.

   -- Bruce

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