Probably need to reinstall GCC

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Mar 1 11:46:56 PST 2010

brown wrap wrote:
>> Have you tried doing a diff of the file in /usr/include and
>> the
>> one which comes "fresh" out of the tarball?
>> Mike

I rewrapped this for you this time; however, please read

> I really don't know what happened, but Bruce Dubbs and I checked the
> size and MD5 of /usr/include/string.h and it was ok. At that point I
> figured something was seriously wrong and probably more than just
> that one file, so I decided to do a fresh install of glibc and gcc.

You are "probably" ok. Those headers from GNU are supposed to
be portable across all systems, hence are very complex in
how they interact with each other and the environment. Some other
file, which is included by the header <string.h> may be the
problem. Those things include files to define bit fields, and
all kinds of other stuff.

I helped do a port of the GCC to the Zilog Z800x family of processors,
and it isn't an easy thing.

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