Problem installing glibc-2.11.1 in section 6.9

Ian Harrold ian.harrold at
Tue Jun 29 10:39:50 PDT 2010

It appears your GCC install is not correct.   The error is with not being present when ldd is performed.   It could be also a
path issue if you installed the gcc library somewhere other than /usr/lib/

- Ian

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 11:57 AM, Joshua Willems
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> Hello everyone,
> I've followed the 6.6 version of Linux From Scratch, not doing
> anything different from the book, and now I've run into a problem.
> I've searched on Google for this problem, but none of the results
> seemed to help me.
> The problem is, when I do 'make install', it returns the following error:
> ------
> Use of uninitialized value in string ne at
> scripts/ line 163, <LDD> line 20.
> Library libgcc_s is not correctly installed.
> Please check your installation!
> Offending line of ldd output: => /usr/lib/
> (0x00002b6b08d8c000)
> The script has found some problems with your installation!
> Please read the FAQ and the README file and check the following:
> - Did you change the gcc specs file (necessary after upgrading from
>  Linux libc5)?
> - Are there any symbolic links of the form to old libraries?
>  Links like -> (where is an old library) are
> wrong,
> should point to the newly installed glibc file - and there should
> be
>  only one such link (check e.g. /lib and /usr/lib)
> You should restart this script from your build directory after you've
> fixed all problems!
> Btw. the script doesn't work if you're installing GNU libc not as your
> primary library!
> ------
> My CPU architecture is x86_64
> Does anyone know how this can be fixed?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joshua
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