Help with Glib-c 2.11.1 Pass 1 (ch 5.7) in LFS 6.6

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at
Tue Jun 29 10:23:40 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 29 June 2010 12:57:21 Mike McCarty wrote:
> Andrew Benton wrote:
> > On 29/06/10 11:50, Saxon Landers wrote:
> >> Hi there, im new to the mailing list, so please correct me if i make any
> >> mistakes.
> >>
> >> I have used linux for some time, and wanted to make my own, so ive gone
> >> for LFS.
> >> I am compiling onto a SanDisk Cruzer 4gb portable USB flash drive, so i
> >> am using /dev/sdb (without a specific partition) to save space.
> >
> > Is that even possible? How are you going to mount it if it doesn't have
> > a partition?
> The mount command should be able to mount anything with a file system
> in it. CD-ROMS don't have partitions, nor do "native" USB sticks,
> nor floppies, nor ISO images, nor other files with file systems
> in them. AFAIK, there's no file system type defined for tapes,
> but with the proper definitions and driver, one would be able
> to mount a tape. I've done so with other operating systems
> which have that capability.

An explicit example: 'mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb /mnt'. Oh, some USB sticks have 
partitions, but perhaps they aren't 'native'?

If one is clever, one can create partition tables within partitions. And mount 
those subpartition partitions once they contain filesystems.

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