Problem installing glibc-2.11.1 in section 6.9

Joshua Willems joshua.willems at
Tue Jun 29 09:57:30 PDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I've followed the 6.6 version of Linux From Scratch, not doing
anything different from the book, and now I've run into a problem.
I've searched on Google for this problem, but none of the results
seemed to help me.

The problem is, when I do 'make install', it returns the following error:


Use of uninitialized value in string ne at
scripts/ line 163, <LDD> line 20.
Library libgcc_s is not correctly installed.
Please check your installation!
Offending line of ldd output: => /usr/lib/

The script has found some problems with your installation!
Please read the FAQ and the README file and check the following:
- Did you change the gcc specs file (necessary after upgrading from
 Linux libc5)?
- Are there any symbolic links of the form to old libraries?
 Links like -> (where is an old library) are wrong, should point to the newly installed glibc file - and there should be
 only one such link (check e.g. /lib and /usr/lib)
You should restart this script from your build directory after you've
fixed all problems!
Btw. the script doesn't work if you're installing GNU libc not as your
primary library!


My CPU architecture is x86_64

Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

Thanks in advance,

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