Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

Trent Shea trentshea at
Tue Jun 29 08:49:27 PDT 2010

> With "nouveau", my boot-up goes through these basic steps:
My setup is KMS with intel hardware.

> 1. The original/"regular" console sequence (80x25)
> 2. Nouveau is loaded by UDEV
> 3. At this point, the console goes blank for a sec or so.
>  The preceding messages are wiped out.
> 4. The remainder of the boot-up sequence proceeds and stays
> in 240x67 all the way to the prompt (and beyond).
> 5. I can never change the 240x67 resolution of the console
> text mode.
> Does anybody have/see a different behavior?
This is pretty much what I see, but I had to add fbcon to 

> BTW, the _exact_ steps of how to set a font in kernel which
> would take effect after "nouveau" is up, will be highly
> appreciated.
I have not played with this since the initial setup, but here goes.

cat /etc/sysconfig/console 
# Begin /etc/sysconfig/console


#End /etc/sysconfig/console

and to change the fonts you can use setfont on any of the fonts in 

As was already mentioned, I believe there are kernel config options, too, but 
I'm afraid I have not found time to play around with them; it's pretty rare I 
find myself on a VT other than 7.


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