stripping down lfs

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Jun 23 16:48:30 PDT 2010

Eric Miller wrote:
> hey all...haven't been here since 2002 lolz.
> I'm hoping to build a stripped down LFS to use on a livecd that will do one
> thing only:  present the user with a simple scripted text menu, and then
> (based on the menu input) .dd an image to a usb thumb drive.
> That's it.
> boots, runs the menu, dds the chosen image to USB, then reboots (the boot
> manager I'm using gives the option to boot to USB drive).
> My question:  chapter six lists upwards to 60 packages...I'm sure I won't
> need many if not most of them in the final product.  What is the smartest
> way to determine what is needed?  Do I need to build complete LFS and then
> strip, or can I intelligently determine what i need to build, build its
> stripped down and go?

If you want a really small LFS, I suggest building and stripping.  For 
instance, gcc is not needed after the build is complete, but is is 
certainly needed to build everything else.

Also, LFS is not designed to be the smallest possible system.  There are 
things like busybox, uclibc, nash, etc that can reduce size considerably.

   -- Bruce

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