Can't compile hsfmodem driver in LFS 6.6.

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Jun 23 07:25:34 PDT 2010

rhubarbpie at wrote:
>> They are suggesting that your compiler/assembler/linker tool chain
>> may have a fault, I think.
> I checked the messages during my build carefully and believe all were 
> correct.  Is there a post-build test?

Apparently, yes. You try to build hsfmodem driver :-)

>> You'd need to ask them what they want.
> Unfortunately it's a Catch-22.  They want an error log, which I would 
> gladly provide.  Unfortunately, their new driver package produces no 
> log, although their older package does (on my LFS 6.6 build).

Hmm. It might be possible to modify the Makefile so an error log is
created, by diffing the new with the old Makefile, and putting in
a few mods.

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